Conduct your construction project with smart and tailor-made solutions.

With our elevators’ technology, we are always one step ahead.

Benefit from the best possible availability and service

Utilize our devoted approach to finish the project in time and make life easier for residents

Construction company

Plan your success with us

  • Get more value out of every square meter,
  • Improve comfort and convenience
  • Tools for faster and easier planning
  • A smooth handover - for every project


Bring your design vision to life

  • Raise the bar for elevator design
  • Create an unrivaled user experience
  • Plan everything down to the smallest details

Inform, entertain and inspire - your way

From fresh, clean easily-updateable in cabin infotainment screens to fully customizable media content, our elevators offer a variety of ways to inform, entertain and delight passengers.

To ensure we have everything we need before the installation begins, we can monitor and report on the operational status of the facility.

The status of the following crucial points is checked:

Elevator shaft condition

The shaft must be clean, dry, and free of debris. All entrances to the shaft are protected against human intrusion.

Power supply

A 3-phase power supply for the assembly hoist and the elevator must be installed before work can begin on the site.

Equipment storage

On the ground floor of the building, close to the shaft and with free access, a clean, dry storage space must be available.

Our elevators are top notch. This also applies to the service. That's why you have one contact person available for all your concerns.


Report fault

Do you have a problem with your elevator? Report it conveniently and without waiting.


Maintenance and repair

We are a reliable partner when it comes to the maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of elevators.



Flexible solutions for replacing individual components or retrofitting the latest technology in your elevator.

Do you have any question? We are at your disposal.

Call us at +389 72 249 334, write to us at or visit our offices at: Blvd. ASNOM 36 5A

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