PL 2000 Series

Peak performance and flexible use of space

Configure your elevator online

Configure your elevator online

Why work with Primalift?

Experience and expertise

Over 12 years of experience in the industry. Hundreds of installed systems and satisfied customers. Always one step ahead of the industry. 

Support and partnership

Successful together: We are always at your side - from decision-making to design to installation and handover of the elevator units. 

Innovative & flexible

With the innovative approach combined with proven traditional technology - we have the right solution / the right service.

Best in class traction lifts

Our traction lifts benefit from our MRL (machine-room-less) traction systems and compact door drives to optimize shaft space use, reducing construction costs and leaving space for tenants.

Smooth, quiet and economical hydraulic lifts

A flexible solution that unifies form and function. An all-round lift applicable to multiple building types, with outstanding architectural flexibility for car, door and shaft dimensions.

Get more value out of every square foot

Our elevators take our market-leading elevator technology, helping you get more out of every square foot. 

Bring your design vision to life

Our design lines meet the needs and requirements of the building and convey the atmosphere that the building should radiate.